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When the weather starts to get warm and the sun is out for most of the day, children all over the United States look forward to the start of summer, along with summer vacation! One of the things that children love most about the summer is the familiar music they hear ringing around their streets, the sound of their neighborhood ice cream truck. For people of all ages, these ice cream trucks bring back memories, remembering the days when they too were children look for coins to purchase their favorite ice cream. To this day, the number one ice cream sold by nearly every ice cream truck in American is Good Humor.

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Walter Blout
last time i got king cones at kroger they were really freezer burnt and didn't taste very good. what a disappointment! ill get drumsticks next time.
there's a good humor vending machine at my athletic club, and those strawberry short cake bars are my favorite guilty pleasure. it's seriously like strawberry shortcake on a stick. so delish!

Good Humor’s history begins with a simple little experiment, when the owners of a small ice cream shop in Ohio learned that someone had figured out a way to harden chocolate onto ice cream. Curious, Harry Burt replicated this recipe, finding that it really worked. At the insistence of his daughter, he experimented at making this ice cream less messy, creating the very first chocolate coated ice cream on a stick. Immediately, this fun ice cream treat became a hit, and was sold throughout the Ohio area in the very first ice cream trucks.

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After the death of Good Humor’s owner, his widow sold the company, which began selling franchises of Good Humor throughout the United States for $100. Ice cream trucks began to quickly crowd American cities, becoming popular during the early times of the baby boomers. Today, Good Humor trucks can still be found wandering many American streets, the ice cream also appearing in many American grocery stores. Many of the favorite treats you grew up with are now sold in your frozen desert area, allowing you to experience these wonderful treats even when the ice cream truck is nowhere in sight.

If you grew up liking Good Humor ice cream, you know there are a variety of different ice creams made by this company. Of course, their famous chocolate ice cream on a stick is still popular to this day, being one of the biggest sellers. As well, they sell ice cream popsicles filled with various fruit fillings. Even though it was not a traditional Good Humor ice cream, Good Humor also makes a variety of different Klondike bars, combining the two recipes to make truly unique ice cream treats.

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