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Throughout the year, millions of American try to lose weight by putting themselves on diets that change their complete style of eating not only to look great, but to make them healthier. One of the hardest things for people who are dieting is adjusting to these changes since many companies do not include a list of healthy treats that can be eaten, such as ice cream. While some companies have made healthy treats that can be used in these diets, no one has made an ice cream treat that tastes as great as Healthy Choice ice cream.

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okay, its not as good as ben and jerrys -- but have you seen how many calories are in a serving of ben and jerrys?! this is a healthier option I don't feel guilty about enjoying once in a while.
I love the ice cream sandwiches! finally i can have dessert without ruining my diet -- thank goodness for healthy choice ice cream!!!!

Healthy Choice first appeared on the market during the early 1990s, having been created when the CEO of ConAgro suffered from a heart attack in 1985. When he had to change his diet, he found that there were very few prepared foods on the market for people who needed a healthy, specialized diet. Seeing this, he made it his company’s mission to create a line of food for people like him, which was named Healthy Choice. This line of healthy food was first created as a line of frozen foods and later expanded to making frozen soups, canned foods, and other varieties of packaged foods. The latest addition to its line is its ice cream treats.

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What has made Healthy Choice ice cream treats so popular is the fact that they don’t just taste great, but are healthy. Many frozen ice cream treats that are on the market today have quite a few filler ingredients that make them unhealthy, forcing the person to take in an unneeded amount of calories without taking in the proper amount of nutrients. Each Healthy Choice ice cream treat guaranteed to be healthy by being low in fat, as well providing the customer with a proper amount of calcium for the serving.

Currently, there are four different types of Healthy Choice ice cream treat currently being sold in the United States and the world. These four treat are their fudge bars, ice cream sandwiches, mocha swirl bar, and the sherbet and cream bar. Most of these ice cream bars are less than 100 calories - the only exception being the mocha swirl bar, which is 150 calories. Each of these bars can be used with the Weight Watchers plan for their point system, and with a variety of other diets, making them great treats for any diet.

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